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'Weighing in' not a 'weigh in'...

I don't normally do these kind of reviews but what I am about to tell you is a must see for anyone who is in Dublin over the next 10 nights and has ever been to a fat camp class! 

I spent most of last Tuesday night giggling... Giggling at fat camp... No seriously... Every cliche was thrown at me... Most of the sayings ... OK... ALL of the sayings... I knew off by heart!!! 'A minute on the lips...' if you know the rest of it... you need to see this play... 

Get yourself to the Civic Theatre in Tallaght to see 'Weighing in'... A very funny play about the weekly weigh ins we've all experienced be it Weight Watchers or Slimming World or Unislim... It's about an unlikely friendship that develops between two class members at 'Easi-Slim' ...

There are only two cast members on stage... The third is the 'voice' of Easi-Slim leader... Remember the choccie eating nun in Father Ted?! Or you might know her as Val in Fair City.... Rose Henderson is amazing as Breda... Her facial expressions throughout we're enough to make you roll your eyes and think 'oh Jesus that's me!' ... She plays the culchie-type, country bumpkin, home loving, hard working mum who struggles with diets... Her onstage companion is Isobel Mahon ... If you're old enough to remember Glenroe then you'll remember her as Michelle ... If you're of a younger persuasion you'll know her as Bernie from 'The Clinic' ... she plays Pam, the high flyer D4-ite who's moved into town with her hubby Austin and has joined Easi slim to 'maintain' and is obsessed with diets and exercise... They both play their characters so well... And they are both so likeable... you secretly don't want to admit who you're most like of the two... and whichever one you are.. you KNOW the other type in your class very well!

The set is very simple but works so well... A dimming of the stage lights and your back at the weekly weigh in... the lights go up and the pair of them are out beating the country roads walking!

I went with a really good friend and everything we had talked about an hour before the play at dinner .... was pretty much played back to us verbatim... Priceless!!! and if you can't laugh at yourself all hope is lost! 

It's just over an hour long and you will laugh for most of it... and for the rest of it has that feel good factor that you get from a good friend who understands you... It's a charming story about friendship and camaraderie... It's about how people from all walks of life bond over syns and propoints... and it's very very funny... 

Big fat thumbs up from me but be quick it was a sell out in Dundrum the first time and the first few nights in Tallaght are sold out already!!! 

Check it out here >>> <<<

It runs until Saturday, 31st May 2014 and its on at 8.15pm
Admission is €12 and there's free car parking at the theatre in the evening...

Special Bealtaine offer on Wednesday 21st May and Wednesday 28th May @ 3pm for €10

There's a special lunchtime show on Thursday, 29th May @ 1pm Tickets €10

If you can't make it to Tallaght keep your eyes peeled for it... its def worth a watch and for €12 you'll get you're moneys worth in laughter pains and that's activity points yeah?! 

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