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hello summer..... um....

Probably the coldest wettest day in May ever to be posting this but you'll be prepared for when the heatwave gets here next week yeah?!? *crosses fingers, toes and eyes!*

After eight ice cream dessert 100g = 7 pp
Brunch = 6 pp
Calippo (orange) = 3 pp
Carte dor light ice cream 50g/100ml = 2 pp
Choc ice = 5 pp
Cornetto Classico = 5 pp
Cornetto Strawberry = 5 pp 
Cornetto Mint = 5 pp
Crème egg ice cream = 5 pp
Del Monte Iced smoothie (raspberry) = 3 pp
Del Monte Ice Lollies (orange) = 2 pp
Feast = 8 pp
Frozen Fruit Pastilles Ice Lolly = 2 pp
Galaxy Caramel Ice Cream = 8 pp
Ice berger = 5 pp
Ice cream, low-fat, 1 scoop = 2 pp
Loop the Loop ice pop = 2 pp
Magnum white = 7 pp
Magnum classic = 7 pp
Magnum almond = 7 pp
Malteaser Ice Cream = 4 pp
Mars Ice Cream = 4 pp
Mini Magnum = 5 pp
Mini Milk Ice Lollies = 1 pp
Maxi twist = 5 pp
Mint cornetto = 5 pp
Ribena Ice Lollies = 1 pp
Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate Brownie Ice cream 3x100ml = 2 pp
Skinny Cow Mint Double Chocolate Ice Cream 3x100ml = 3 pp
Smartie Cone = 5 pp
Snickers ice cream = 6 pp 
Solero Exotic = 3 pp
Super split = 2 pp 
Twister = 2 pp
Wibbly wobbly wonder = 4 pp

and for the '99' fans.. sans Flake I'm afraid... Booooooo 
Small = 4 pp
Medium = 5 pp
Large = 6 pp

(these are listed on the right under dairy if you get stuck... >>> )

Now for a little diet maths... I like you all to get more food for your ProPoints!

The Skinny Cow... no relation... is stocked in the bigger Supervalus and in some Tescos... there's three in a box and are 2 PP ... and honestly... they are streets ahead of the mini magnums... even the WW ones which at 3PP are just the same as the 'real' mini magnums... twice the ice cream for a ProPoint less! 

The REAL mini magnums come in at 5 PP for the classic, almond and white... But it's only 7 PP for the classic full size magnum, 8 PP for the full size almond and 7 PP for the full size white! See where I'm going with this... 

Magnum 'temptation' chocolate is 6 PP... 'Temptation' caramel & almond is 7pp... 

Top of the magnums is the 'Double caramel' at 10 PP !

and the celebratory 25 year Magnum Marc De Champagne is 7 PP 

Now if someone could sort out the weather... sigh... 


  1. God I love the Snickers ice creams....yum!

  2. I love a twister. I had a Feast the other week for the first time in years, I nearly died when I pointed it. Lovely as it was, it was NOT worth 8pp!!!


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