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St. James Mani-Monday

Todays Mani-Monday is brought to you by Nails inc! 
(sounds like sesame street... 'and the number 5!') 

'St. James' from Nails Inc. is a super strong raspberry red with very slight sheen to it, no glitter here... its the kind of red that looks good on most skin tones... It's got more pink undertones than your typical 'red' ... coverage is really good ... first do a thin/light coat then make your second coat much thicker.. and let it dry... I mean properly dry! Finish off with a clear top coat and it's pretty much fool* proof! 

* I mean me... 

The science bit... it's got 'Plasticiser technology', dontchyaknow... whatever that means... but you heard it here people... but honestly it's one of the better 'gel' effect polishes I've tried so far... it's really hard wearing.. for someone who chips her nails 5 mins after they're done it gets a thumbs up from me...  

and because I like to faff about with my nails, I added 'Knightsbridge Place' from the Nails Inc. POP ART range to jazz it up a little... I've done two coats and it's got a clear base so no clear top coat needed... The coverage again is really good... You're not dipping your brush in over and over to grab some of the funky lil polka dots... The colours are super summery and will go with reds, teals, pinks and baby blues... I think it would look awesome on tanned toes too ... The POP ART range is going to be fab for summer when summer arrives! 

One last thing... is it just me or do all the names in their latest range sound like they're from Made In Chelsea?!?  


  1. OMG I love this!! I currently have a lovely ManiQ metallic fuschia colour on my nails but would LOVE that Pop Art effect! My nail tech is about to get some new requests from me!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Metallic Fuchsia is GORGEOUS!!! on my shopping list!

  2. Replies
    1. Hoping to get miles out of the pop are effect over the summer! x

  3. I like the colour...very pretty and summery :)
    plumping effect tho? in a polish!!!

    1. I know! but it really is puffy... I think that's why there's no streaking at all when it goes on ... magic science stuff huh!? x


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