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'On the go...' No! No! No!

Regulars who come here know I'm all about getting breakfast over and done with fast... During the week I just want it done with... the weekends I'm happy to lounge about and get all fancy but for years I never ate breakfast... then hoovered scones and goodies at 11am break and couldn't understand why I was gaining weight! Bless... Break fast... you've got to break your fast... clue is in the name eh?!

I'm a porridge gal and I mix it up with fruit and yoghurts and honey and all kinds of stuff to keep it interesting... when I'm saving points for a night out or a treat, I'm fruit and smoothies all the way... If I'm working from home I might even push the boat out and have an egg white omelette cause I'm a bit mad like that... I love my Special K red berries at work or at movie time... I'm a recent convert to Granola... and I'm a big fan of Weetabix when I get sick of porridge... so imagine how horrified I was when I saw Weekabix in a shake!! You read it right... 

Firstly... I'm not a fan of protein shakes or anything along those lines... but the thinking went like this... 'sure I like Weetabix.. I might like these...' I'm harmless really aren't I?! Again I'm a savoury toothed person so why I even picked up the chocolate one is beyond me!!!  'For the blog sure... people might like to know...' Let me tell you I'm SO glad I picked up the chocolate version because as bad as it was, the vanilla one was awful! 

These are designed for people who run... not jog... run to work... they're for the marathon trainers and cyclists of the world... they are not for normal folks like us... these people are not reading this blog... they're already super fit... points means nothing to them... 

The vanilla one is sickly sweet, and I'm a vanilla fan... you won't see me saying no to a '99'! Maybe I'm being a snob but this isn't real vanilla, even though it says on the pack its all natural it doesn't taste like the vanilla you get from a pod! 

If you do indulge, and don't come complaining to me about it... shake the holy bejesus outta of it! I shook the chocolate one for a solid minute and still lumps came out of it... that said it was the better of the two... but if I really wanted a chocolate milkshake for breakfast I'd go to McDonalds and spend the 6PP on a small one and enjoy the feckin thing! 

For 250ml you're spending 6PP on pure sickly sweet plastic vanilla flavoured milk... even putting them in a fancy bottle with my fav pink straw didn't help...

The packaging states "mornings just got a whole lot better...' not in my house they didn't... I had a go of both of them and then wrote off 2PP from my day and went about getting my real breakkie! 

6PP for the 'ready to go' drink or 3PP for 2 biscuits and your fruit and milk and you're still saving propoints! Set the clock a little earlier folks...  


  1. I'm definitely going to stick with the normal weetabix!!

  2. This made me laugh! Will steer WELL clear - thanks for the tip :-)


  3. Thank god YOU tried them! I was going to try them for FATGIRLslim. Now I don't have to abuse my tastebuds! :D

  4. Im so glad you wrote this, I too have been looking at trying them but in my imagination they were literally just weetabix with milk and coco/vanilla shoved in a bottle......Thanks for the heads up. xx

  5. I've seen these in the shop and been tempted! Now I'll stay away, thanks x

  6. What a waste of points! Weetabix with low fat yoghurt and fruit is better than this!


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