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This one JUST right…

"Ahhh, this porridge is just right,"


Fed up of porridge yet? Well I spotted this way of making porridge on Instagram last summer, and loved it… it was only last week my leader reminded me when  she told us she eats her porridge like this with yoghurt and fruit! if you fancy a change and want to feel full … give it a go… plus if you get yourself a fancy jar you can make enough for two days and it'll keep in the fridge… oh and you don't need to use natural yoghurt if you don't like it… try something fruity! 

30g/40g of porridge - 3/4PP
3/4 tbsp of fat free natural yoghurt - 2PP
Fruit - 0PP
A big spoon! 

Wash your fruit….

layer it in the jar with yoghurt and porridge …

Repeat the layers until you've used up everything …

Seal it and pop it into the fridge overnight …

Et voila.. breakfast is ready when you get up!!! 

Don't knock it till you've tried it… and mix it up with different fruits and yoghurts to get a bit of variety… you'll be full till lunch! 


  1. Ummmmm..... Ive been experiementing with my porridge atm - you may have seen! lol - but ive not had the guts to do this yet... I would but fruit is so expensive :( Major budget cut this year :( xxx

    1. I know its SO expensive.. try seasonal stuff.. someone I know used stewed apples and said it was amazing! Another few months and it'll get a bit cheaper thankfully.. x

    2. Whoops! Didn't see your reply for some reason.. Hummm
      Yer, good idea - might try that! x

  2. I love porridge with chopped up pears and blueberries! Blueberries are on offer in Lidl this week and frozen fruit is much cheaper than fresh x

    1. I LOVE blueberries! Especially when there's a good deal on them! x


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