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Ok... 3 weeks into 2014 … spring will be here before you know it and nothing like a good spring clean to clear the cobwebs and get focussed! 

Over haul your wardrobe!

I did this before christmas and my GOD did it feel good.. you've got to be ruthless… try everything on (yes thats a bit of a pain…) … and ask yourself these questions… Does it fit me PROPERLY? PROPERLY is the key word there! none of this I'll let it in/out, fix the button/zip/hem … Will I wear it out in public? Will I wear it in the next 6 months? Once you've done that 3 or 4 times… its SO easy… you can tell by just looking at somethings that you'd be mortified to give them to the charity shops! When you lose a bit of weight you change shape.. my friends will testify I am literally pinned into some of my clothes at the moment and they're giving me the nod when I'm flashing people! Rethinking your look make you feel better, stand taller and look less dowdy! Get me! I'm thinking of running for office in the Fashion Police, what with the Oscars coming up! Another thing… don't be going crazy in the sales buying clothes that you 'might' fit into… they'll hang there taunting you… pick something 1 size down and that you can squeeze into… as you lose weight it'll loosen up and THAT feels good! 

Over haul your fridge! 

Get right in there… that cheese lurking in the back that's in date till 2015… bin it or give it to someone who can enjoy it… if you're the type *puts up paw* that will peep in the fridge in the wee small hours and know its in there waiting to me melted on a bit of toast… get rid of it… Stock up on fresh veg, fruit and seasonings… ginger, garlic, lemon.. lime.. go through your cupboard, Christmas and New Year are gone… and if anything is lurking its just temptation… and if you know its there, it will scream your name in the middle of the night! 

Overhaul your 'me' time… 

Taking an hour, half an hour to yourself is NECESSARY! Go out the door and walk for 15 minutes and turn around and come back! You'll be surprised how just listening to your music and pacing can just give you that little bit of breathing space… Go somewhere you love, at the weekend go to the beach and just have a stroll… even in this crazy weather it will clear the cobwebs and get you focussed on what you really want, before you have to face a house full of kids / husbands / boyfriend / family! If people get used to taking your time, they'll just keep doing it… and if you're not there they will find a solution to their first world problem… guarantee they'll be alive and kicking when you get back!

Over haul your body..

Over done it at christmas? Broke? Give yourself a home spa.. a mini makeover! Set aside an hour when you won't be interrupted, make sure all big and little people are entertained... grab some fluffy towels, your bath robe, lock the door and light a few smelly tea lights.. start with a 10 minute body brush to clear the dead skin away and get the circulation going… it'll open the pores so toxins can escape.. Natural brushes are best… and work the strokes towards your heart… make a salt scrub... mix sea salt with olive or almond oil into a paste and massage gently all over..again strokes towards the heart… rinse off and lash on your fav body lotion.. a thick layer of E45 will do wonders for your skin… but if you've got some fancy new stuff from santa lash it on…  next… wrap up… and hop under the duvet for half and hour, you'll probably drift off to sleep but when you wake up be sure to drink a large glass of warm water with a slice of lemon to rehydrate and get out in the fresh air… and make that date with yourself often! There's loads of homemade DIY spa lotions and potions you can make too.. cheap and effective and probably the stuff our grannies had to make do with! I'll post some  homemade DIY goodies tomorrow! 

Over haul your hobbies…

Try something new! Always wanted to try photography.. quit talking about it and get googling! Knitting? Check out stitch and bitch classes in your area… not only will you get a hand with creating something yourself but you can catch up on the gossip too! There's lots of stuff going on in the evenings and even when you're knackered, once you get there you really get into it and it becomes another skill you have. Plus you're making new pals and you're not stuck watching the box on your bum! 

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