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I know chinese new year is over and technically Sushi is a japanese thing… but here's the PP for those still counting! These are freshly made with no additives and won't last in our cupboard till 2015! If you like sushi you'll love them… and if you don't try the veggie box to start you off you'll be hooked before you know it … DELISH! 

Hoisin Duck Sushi - 200g pack of 8 its 6 PP
Includes 8 duck maki with carrot, cucumber & hoisin sauce… 
comes with a very cute little bottle of soy sauce & some wasabi… 

Chicken Teriyaki Sushi - 200g pack of 8 its 6 PP
8 chicken maki marinated in Oishii Teriyaki sauce with red pepper & chives… 
again with a very cute little bottle of soy sauce & some wasabi… 

Sushi salad bento box 230g  - 10 PP
Includes 2 fresh salmon nigiri, 3 smoked salmon maki, vermicelli noodle salad… 
soy & sweet chill sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger… very filling for lunch!

Sakana fish sushi box 205g  - 6 PP
Includes 1 salmon nigiri, 1 crabstick nigiri, 2 inside-out smoked salmon maki,
2 inside-out tuna maki with carrot & mayo … 
soy sauce, wasabi & pickled ginger…

Vietnamese Springrolls 140g  - 9 PP
2 cooked prawn & pork spring rolls with ponzo sauce … 
Note: one spring roll is 4 PP but it rounds up to 9 PP if you have em both! 

Yasai Vegetarian Sushi 180g  - 6 PP
1 tamago nigiri, 1 sweet tofu nigiri, 1 red pepper nigiri, 
4 tofu maki with carrot & wakame, Soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi too! 


  1. I've never ever had sushi. I love smoked salmon and I love prawns & asian flavours in general, wonder if I'd like it! Might give it a go if I see it around x

    1. Definitely! I think people are put off by the 'its raw fish' but everyone loves smoked salmon and its so good for you too x

  2. Where can you buy this type sushi?!

    1. It's available in lots of stores now ... Check

  3. I only tried sushi recently and loved it. Picked up the hoisin duck one tonight but when I calculated points it says 12 for the pack. What should I go by?

    1. Perhaps it was a different size pack? Go with your own calculations x


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