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"Ahhh, this porridge is just right," 

she said happily 

and she ate it all up. 


Goldilocks & the three bears - Robert Southey

You all know I'm a porridge gal… sadly as a brunette I'm never destined to be Goldilocks, in fact in the mornings I'm definitely more of a bear! But I wasn't always a fan, I was one of the 'it-tastes-like-wall-paper-paste' types… but I've learned how to 'spice it up' so to speak… tip for the newbies to porridge - cinnamon!! no really!

The good thing about porridge is you don't need to be on Masterchef to make it… it's filling and you can add stuff to it to make it more yummy… A colleague adds a teaspoon of Nutella to hers and it smells AMAZING! Plus she feels like she's getting her chocolate fix… A chopped banana, some berries, a dollop of honey… they all work… and its SO filling … it'll keep you going all through the morning! Plus is really good for you and your insides!

Special K brought out their version of 'porridge' last year and I thought I'd give it a go.. 

The Simply Original one is LOVELY! The pots for 'on-the-go' are great… just the right amount to keep you going till lunchtime and for 5PP each you can add all the fruit you want and it doesn't need any extra sugar … You make it with boiling water from the kettle and if you think its going to be watery, don't worry it won't be! I like my porridge creamy and this is fine with hot water…

If you're legging it out of the house, or you just keep on in your desk… they're very handy… The sachets are 3PP each, the pots are 5PP each… and you use the little sachet as a jug to measure your water or milk so you can fit it in a mug! Less washing up! YAY! For some reason there's 7 sachets in the original box and only 6 in the other two… no idea why… and at the moment its €2 for the Original flavour box in Tesco...

The flavours, like most things are down to personal taste… the Almond & Honey one is sweeter so you don't' need to add sugar, the red berries one is not so nice but then I'm all about adding real fruit rather than processed… and it is very sweet, but if you've got a sweet tooth its all yours! 

I've found these especially good for that gap between work and college… and its a nice change from all the zero point soup plus its harder to find somewhere to heat up soup these just work with boiling water… and coming home after a days work and 5 hours of study will just send me to the toaster, with butter and cheese!  If I have this straight after work, just add boiling water and let it sit for two minutes and bingo… full but not 'I'm gonna fall asleep in front of my tutor' full… and I'm not famished when I get home…

With the mornings due to get colder, starting with a warm tummy full of energy can only be a good thing right… there's lots to choose from … more reviews incoming...

Definitely worth a try, especially if you're new to porridge or fancy a change now and then… want to know more… check >>> HERE <<<

Pots are 5PP each

Sachets are 3PP each


  1. I don't like porridge and it is SO annoying because it is the absolute perfect breakfast! Maybe I'll get OH to give these a go and see if I can sneak a spoonful to see if this brand changes my mind...


    1. It's definitely an acquired taste… tricking yourself into eating it is the only way.. I found a post on Instagram that someone puts yoghurt, fruit and porridge in a sealed jar and puts it in the fridge over night so its more like a granola and its really nice! I'll be doing a post on it next week… worth a try and again you can add the amount slowly till you get the hang of it x

  2. In the last year I've gotten mad into porridge :) 20g/30g made with water and a big serving of stewed apples (stewed with some ground cloves) SOOO AMAZING! Every morning I have it and I have it at night again as I sleep so well after it :)

    1. Its great in the evening because it really fills you up! When I finish college at 10pm I'm not starving! Stewed apples are LUSH! x


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