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Use your noodle...

'All the dreamers in the world are dizzy in the noodle...'
Edie Adams

Caught on the hop during the week I ended up in Dunnes looking for something other than soup to warm me up and keep me going till I got home… Standing at the 'ready-made-microwave-me' lunch section I came across these… I love Asian spices and flavors and you all know I'm a 'cook it yourself' kinda gals… additives and E numbers scare me… But the Chicken Curry Ramen I had from Oishii was absolutely yummy! Oishii are also an Irish company and you all know how I feel about buying local! At 8 PP not actually too bad for the 400g serving… if you had did a wok full of stir fry veg at home with it you'd have a pretty good dinner for 8 PP … 

Note the Rustlers are only 300g and the additives on the back seems endless! As for the Zugo Cabonara… 15PP for 300g… FIFTEEN! You heard me!!! Remember the creamier the sauce is.. the higher it's going to be.. aim for tomato based sauces if you can… or better still don't get caught out! Plan! 

Oishii - Malay Chicken Laska Noodles - 400g - 8 PP

Oishii - Chicken Curry Ramen Noodles - 400g - 8 PP

Oishii - Spiced Chicken Ramen Noodles - 400g - 8 PP

Rustlers Noodles - Oriental Pork - 300g - 10 PP

Rustlers Noodles - Chicken & Mushroon - 300g - 8 PP

Zugo's Deli Cafe - Pasta Cabonara - 300g - 15 PP

Zugo's Deli Cafe - Pasta Bolognese - 300g - 9 PP


  1. Most Rustlers products leave you feeling hungry after about an hour, too. I eat them occasionally, when I take a craving for their BBQ pork things, but I never, EVER look at the product list, because I'm pretty sure other than "PORK", which is blended with god-knows-what, there will be nothing pronounceable.

    But those Oishii noodles sound like they'd taste pretty good, flavour-wise. :)

    1. Agree with you totally… some of those bigger companies you can never be too sure of what you're getting, I dread seeing the word substitute on packets! and I'm always wary of something that's going to last a full year because of all the additives its got in it! Any thing that's made fresh and is full of natural flavor is a winner for me! x


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