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So... this weeks meeting was all about Easter.. we propointed some eggs... felt VERY smug ... AHEM ... and our leader decided to breakdown what Easter really meant.. (for the non religious amongst us!)

Firstly.. How long is Easter?? For some its the kids holidays? for others its an extra long weekend.. for more its just getting through Easter Sunday itself... Remember.. Easter is just a holiday... Saturday is still Saturday... your outlook on Easter can decide how you will feel once the chocolate season has passed and your hopping (rabbit style!) back on the scales!

E - Enjoy or Endure
So what's it going to be... Norma No Mates... "I can't enjoy Easter because I'm ON A DIET" ... well um.. no actually you're eating healthily... you can either enjoy Easter and get on with life or sit back and sulk that everyone is having more fun than you... oh boo! A chocolate egg shouldn't determine how you feel over Easter...

A - Allow or Avoid
You can ALLOW yourself an Easter Egg or just avoid them at all costs... if you're buying them for people .. treat yourself to something YOU would like.. a new nail polish .. a couple of lush magazines that you never get... an Easter present doesn't have to be made of chocolate...

S - Save or Squander
If you DO want an egg... how are you going to fit it into your weekly eating plan? Are you going to SAVE the ProPoints you need.. or are you just going to eat it and worry about it when you step up on the scales next time? Oh the frustration... you're UP because you didn't plan it out right... you squandered your ProPoints and didn't bother to track.. now look.. urrrgh! A few extra exercise ProPoints plus a few smart lunches and a latte or two less, means you HAVE the budget to sit back on Easter Sunday and ENJOY yourself, be it with a chocolate rabbit or a hot cross bun!

T - Treat or Threat
Don't see Easter as an ALL or nothing... if you're having a treat .. have a treat... work it into the programme.. maybe you're heading out for a special Easter Sunday Roast dinner... don't see it as a huge obstacle to be undertaken... you know its coming... you can plan for it.. both this week and the week after... if you're having a big lunch... plan an Easter egg hunt that involves a good long walk after ... everyone will benefit from it... Easter wasn't sent to haunt us!

E - Eat Well or Eat Badly
The choice is yours.. its pretty clear.. you can eat well.. or you can eat badly... a chocolate egg shouldn't be enough to push someone off the rails... Easter Monday.. is still a Monday.. not a chocolate feast!

R - Reward or Resentment
... and depending on your attitude.. you're going to feel one of these when you step on the scales next week... you will be happily the same.. and have enjoyed your week.. or you'll be angry that you let one day... ONE DAY.. rule the entire house for a week and you lost control... choice is yours..

Happy Easter Doll x

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