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PPPOTD - Breakfast Bars...

A woman is as old as she looks before breakfast.
Edgar Watson Howe

Another spate of "bars-on-the-go" - All the Alpen "light" bars are 2 ProPoints each. Careful with the Nature Valley bars the breakdowns for some varieties are for 2 bars not per bar (weird huh?) REMEMBER ... these are "on-the-go" .. stuck in traffic.. slept out... NOT for breakie every day!

The Alpen "Light" Range - All 2 ProPoints

Tesco Apple Cereal Bar - 2 ProPoints

Nature Valley Roasted Almonds - 5 ProPoints for 2 bars...
(I'd point per bar at 3 ProPoints each)

Nature Valley Mixed Berry - 3 ProPoints per bar

Nature Valley Canadian Maple Syrup - Also 5 ProPoints for 2 bars

Nature Valley Fruit & Nut - 3 ProPoints per bar

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