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A request has come in... (ah my secret life as a DJ...) for the breakdown of two very important men in this world.. Ben & Jerry! Although I think you all know that Gordon and Jack are also heavily involved in my life but that's "another" type of meeting!! Ahem.. So here's the NOT so Skinny on these boys...

Phish Food is YUM and probably my fav in the B&J family... I mean SERIOUSLY... chocolate fish hidden in marshmallows with ice cream.. GENIUS... 8 Propoints per 100g

Plain old Vanilla doesn't do very well.. 6 Propoints per 100g

Ah... the firm favourite... Chocolate Fudge Brownie... probably putting on weight just reading it out loud.. yum... 7 ProPoints per 100g

This is a flavour that is popular in the summer months and is nice over strawberries and fruit... 7 ProPoints per 100g

In the low fat version, its 5 ProPoints per 100g and really no major taste difference...

Seems like the words "low fat" and "chocolate Brownie" should never be in the same sentence but this little number works and at 5 ProPoints per 100g if you REALLY want some you can have it!

Cookie Dough... available as mini tub is 7 ProPoints per 100g (Careful the tub is 150ml so maths to be done, so its 11 ProPoints per mini tub!!!!! EEK!)

Another genius move, white chocolate bears hiding in caramel ice cream... Clearly I've missed my vocation.. (it should have been this job or naming lipsticks!) 7 ProPoints per 100g...

For some flavours that are available in the small tubs.. (if you can't bare the thought of it in the freezer!) Here's some that are available in the mini tub size.. Each of the main tubs are 500ml so for Phish food.. for the whole tub its 40 Propoints... For me its a no go area.. I couldn't bear the thought of it screaming at me from the freezer.. there are better options in ice cream out there but if its a fave or ya just need the boys ... you know where you stand!

Frozen Yoghurts to follow soon! Doll x

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  1. Oh my lord! :O though I have to say its have price in both Tesco and Super Valu and I walked right past *consoles self with curly wurly*


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