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"Hunger is a mighty fine sauce."
Southern folk saying

The time conscious (and NON Nigellas!) amoungst us will see some of these packets as a god send... Remember to add your points from the milk and to make it lighter (both in consistancy and propoints), use half skimmed milk and half water... it will still thicken... you can also forgo the butter too.. if you're using a non-stick saucepan a quick spray of EVOO will do the trick... I know it's always better to make sauces yourself.. fromage frais, crème fraiche, natural yoghurt with herbs and spices.. but if you're caught on the hop and have these in the cupboard then at least you where you stand propoint wise ...

Hollandaise Sauce = 3 ProPoints

Garlic & Mushroom Sauce = 3 ProPoints

Creamy White Wine Sauce = 2 ProPoints

Creamy Parsely Sauce = 3 ProPoints

Bechamel = 3 ProPoints

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