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"There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE." Linda Grayson, "The Pickwick Papers"

OK .. this isn't a surprise.. you all saw it coming.. those WALLS of eggs in the supermarket, petrol station, corner shop! We're surrounded! As some of you know I've already dealt with the BIG eggs.. heres the top 9 for those who simply MUST indulge! I've listed them from the highest ProPoints to the lowest...

TIP - Be careful when you're pointing any easter eggs, some of the breakdown values are for 1/4 of an egg or maybe a half, rarely is it for the entire egg.. don't get caught out!

First up... Cadburys Dairy Milk Egg This one is a SHOCKER! The one you would be most likely to pick up thinking "oh its just plain chocolate.. not full of sweets or bars" is 49 ProPoints for the lot! That's the egg and 3 plain bars of Dairy Milk. That's your 49 weeklies gone! There are more satisfying eggs out there which you could share if you felt guilty about it.. this one isn't worth the points in my opinion!

Do you love anyone enough? Do you love them 28 ProPoints??? This egg is nearly the value of most peoples daily quota of ProPoints. The hollow egg is 16 ProPoints and the rolos, which come in two standard tubes, are pointed at 3 ProPoints per 5 Rolos (10 Rolos in a tube = 6 ProPoints per tube).. its a lot considering you have to give your last one away...

I always see this as a BOY type egg (same as Yorkie which I've not seen this year!) This box comes with 2 medium Snickers bars, the breakdown is per 100g but they work out at 6 ProPoints each, making the total for this 27 ProPoints

Creme Egg... egg... Well it wouldn't be easter without it really! Considering they start advertising them in January! This box comes with 2 creme eggs and the hollow chocolate shell, giving a total of 24 ProPoints.

The Flake egg comes with 4 Mini flakes at 2 ProPoints each and the egg itself comes in at 14 ProPoints giving a total of 22 ProPoints

Thank Crunchie! This egg comes with 4 treat size bars at 2 ProPoints each and a total of 22 ProPoints for the lot!

Cadburys Mini Eggs, hollow egg and mini bag of mini eggs! 20 Propoints in total

OK.. The Buttons Egg... BE CAREFUL!!! There are two versions of this egg about.. and there's 4 ProPoints in the difference! The thinner box is 15 ProPoints in total the wider box is 19 ProPoints ... its an easy one to miss! And who has got 4 ProPoints going spare!

An all round fav.. I mean who doesn't LOVE Curly Wurlys!? This totals at 12 ProPoints for the lot.. The egg is 5 ProPoints per half and the treat size bar is 2 ProPoints. (TIP: stick the treat size bar in the freezer for 10 mins and it'll last AGES!) PLUS - there's a TOY! Whats not to love?

Choose wisely and above all ENJOY your easter egg if you have one! Life is to be lived... Doll x

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