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2 Egggstra..... (oh it had to be done!)

This is the Cadburys Trailpack.. it contains 18 mini eggs... this one is great if you have kids or willpower! 6 mini Caramel eggs at 2 pp each, 6 mini hollow eggs at 2 pp each and 6 mini Creme eggs at 1 pp each! If you get someone else to hide them (let face it I can sniff chocolate a MILE away!) and do a deal to make sure you get all the mini creme eggs your looking at only 6 pp! Total for the box is 30 Propoints

The Wispa Egg is another egg high in ProPoint values. For 1/4 of the egg itself is 7pp making it 28 ProPoints for the hollow egg, add to that 3 Wispa bars at 6 pp each means its a whopping 46 ProPoints... one to share.. or dodge!


  1. Hello
    are pro points the same as points plus in WW?

  2. Hey Anne, yes.. Propoints = Europe, Australia, Points Plus = USA, same programme.. just be careful on the measurements though, we tend to use ml as opposed to ozs etc... Doll x


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