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Jun 25, 2018

You're not a mess!

You're trying on the holiday shorts and no... You're not happy... I know the #BOPO police will tell you you should be happy no matter what but you're not... You hate that you're not at goal, you hate that you're not fitting into your clothes comfortably and you feel like it's a never ending struggle to just feel normal... You just want to throw on a pretty sundress and feel good about yourself... but here's the thing... you're still trying and you're still making more better choices than you ever did before... we all derail... we all jump spectacularly off the wagon... but even one good choice today is better than nothing... one glass of water more than yesterday, one piece of fruit, one 10 min walk is a step in the right direction... but don't throw in the beach towel and think there's no point to any of it... you trying to be a healthier version of you is important...

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