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Every year I get asked 'How many SPs in a slice of brack?' and it's impossible to answer... with so many different versions out there, it varies from recipe to recipe and weight of the slice you cut... also how much butter did you put on it!?! Be honest! So here's 3 that I spotted in Dunnes last week that will give you a gauge of what's out there but you need to work out the SPs for each brand and weigh your slice! Don't forget to check for the ring first, that'll weigh more! LOL

I've pointed these all at 48g and as per recommended portions on the pack.

Dunnes Stores Bakery Fruit Brack
per 48g portion - 5SP
per 52.5g portion - 6SP
per 630g brack - 70SP

Rankin Selection Irish Barmbrack
per 48g portion - 6SP
per 470g brack - 61SP

Stafford Halloween Brack 
per 40g portion - 5SP
per 48g portion - 6SP
per 480g brack - 57SP

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