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How many of us stood up at the 14 weeks to Christmas mark shouting 'I'll be down 2 stone by then!' ? How many of us said over the summer 'sure I'll be drinking loads of water, I'll be out walking every day, I won't gain over the summer...' How many are waiting till Halloween is over? Who else is thinking 'sure the year has been disaster, I might as well enjoy the rest of the year and start 100% in January 2018! Just you watch...'  Anyone? Yup me included! But the trick to begin healthy and happy is doing something about it NOW! Right now! Plan your shopping, write out a meal plan, decide to go for a walk at lunchtime and stick to it! Make your lunch this week, promise yourself, you're more than worth it! Organise your breakfast every night before bed, that 5 mins to plan, means that 7 of your meals this week will be on plan! Do it NOW!

NOW! Now is the time to look after you! 

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