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Jul 10, 2017

The greater the storm...

Not sugar coating it... (cause that would cost SmartPoints!) but the fight to do it, whatever 'it' is, is within you... if you want something bad enough, you'll do it... it might take months, or like me years, but when you REALLY want something you will do whatever it takes to do it... 

It's hard! Losing weight is really hard... eating a chocolate bar requires no thinking, no effort (unless you've hidden them and forgotten where they are... just me?!) ... staying on plan, making decisions, planning, tracking, scheduling time for your meeting all takes effort especially when your mindset is 'why bother?!' but when you focus on how you felt the day you made the decision to get healthy... you know that you never want to go back there ever again... so every small, teeny tiny decision is worth it! 

I've fallen off the wagon spectacularly sometimes, I don't know anyone who hasn't! But life constantly reminds me that I never, EVER want to go back to that person who was afraid to go to the shops in case people were judging her shopping, the girl who dodged every invitation not because she didn't want to go have fun but because she didn't think she was worth it, people only invited her because they felt sorry for her... that person who smiled all the time but who's knees ached all night when she just wanted to be happy... really happy... That's where the power is... in your darkest feelings... when you feel the most down and miserable you need to remember it... feel it and think 'nope, not any more!' ... harness it and use it to get what you really really want! Success!

If you're going through the downs, rather than the ups, just remember how much you want it... remember you're reading this post because you want to keep going, you want to get to goal, you want to be successful and happy in your own skin... remember how you felt that first weigh in? remember how even thinking about clothes shopping made you cry? Then take out your tracker, plan out your breakfasts and there's a third of the weeks meals on plan! We got this... whenever you feel like you're in the middle of a storm look around there's a sea of rainbows ahead! 


  1. Just wana thank you so much for this blog. I use it almost every day to point my food its is a massive help thank you. Also just reading your thoughts has motivated me keep going. I often visit your site when I'm feeling weak and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. Tank you!!!!!