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Jul 31, 2017


Imagine it though?! Write 10 things you love about you... it's not as easy as it sounds! Yet if I said pick 10 faults with your body, we could be here all day! I've a very long list of things I don't like about me... and my Irish DNA means I cannot accept a compliment, it's impossible! 

How many of us compliment someone, only to hear ... 'this old thing?! This is ancient, sure I didn't even iron it! I got it for €1 somewhere 15 years ago, god I'm embarrassed to even tell you!' ... It's impossible for us to just say 'thank you, it's my favourite and I love it!' 

It's the same when you lose some weight, someone says 'you're looking great!" my first instinct is to say 'ah yeah but I've SO much more to lose! Sure I'm only half way there...' and I pull a 'I'm disappointed in myself too!' face...

Society has us in a heap, if we're not tanned enough, with flawless skin, over 5'11' and a size 10, we feel like we're just not good enough... our boobs are too big/small/flat, our hair is too fine/curly/straight... we're too short or too tall... we can't win and we're fighting an invisible battle! 

So lets just give up the fight... lets have a bit of a love in... Today, give yourself a compliment! 'My hair looks so shiny today I love it!' ... 'I have always had fabulous teeth!' ... 'I love having blue eyes' ... 'I feel great in this dress' ... 'I love my new nail polish...' anything to start the ball rolling and every day obsess about one thing about you! It's not as easy as you think but after a while you'll feel a damn sight better about you! 

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