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Jul 13, 2017

Never eat...

... on two feet! 

Aren't we all SO busy? Aren't we all in a rush to get to the next step on the ladder of life? One of the top tips my leader tells us regularly is put your knife and fork down when your eating... Digest your food & remember your meal is just as important as everyone else's! 

How many of us eat our toast at the toaster whilst the kettle is boiling? How many of us grab a sandwich on the go? How many of us munch the first thing we can get our paws on in the car? It's bad for our digestion, it's bad for our brain space and very often, anything eaten on the hop never finds its way onto a tracker! Grabbing something that's not on the plan tells our brain that our bodies just aren't worth nourishing properly! 

'This will do' ... really won't!

So take out the fancy plates, and get your toastie on it! What or who are you saving them for? You're worthy of using your best and favourite things in your own home, so get the fancy schmancy wine glasses out and fill it up with your water, pull up a seat and enjoy your food! You're worth it!

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