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Jun 17, 2017

Let's get twisted!

I know the weather is unpredictable (well in Ireland it is anywya!) but we've got to grab any sunshine that appears whilst we can and bask in it (wearing sunscreen of course!) This weeks SmartPoint Swap is a fav ice cream of mine... Twisters! (Tangle twisters back in my day!)... My love of this ice cream even made it to mani Monday last year! I know... I know... still saving 2SPs for a sweet fix isn't to be sniffed at! Here's to the summer... *crosses finger & toes* x

HB/Walls Regular size Twisters (80ML) - 4SP

HB/Walls mini Twister (50ML) - 2SP

Whirlz from Aldi - 3SP 

Gianni's Ice Blitz ALDI - 4SP

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