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Jun 26, 2017

Every class has got one...

Every class has got one... Lets' call her 'Kate' ... she loses every week, she's nearly at goal and she started 5 mins ago... Bitter much?! Yup! But what we've got to remember is everyone is different... when I joined Weight Watchers (this time around!) I looked at some of the people in the queue and wondered if I was in the wrong group! These people didn't need to be at Weight Watchers! But 7lbs to one person is the same as 70lbs to another... and 7lbs can be just as hard to lose as 70lbs ... Some of the people in that queue had lost loads of weight, they were nearly at goal... what we've got to remember is everyone is different stages of their weight loss journeys... 

Your journey is exactly that YOURS... my journey is mine... Just because someone else is getting closer to goal doesn't mean we're failures... we're on our own path, so lets just support each other!

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