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Jun 13, 2017

Harvest Moon Hummus

It's 'dippy-salady-eat-outdoors-if-the-weather-behaves' weather and hummus is a popular choice for lots of picnics! This is an Irish range by Harvest Moon, you'll pick them up in Supervalu! Gluten, diary and additive free with no added sugar they're in handy 180g tubs too so you can't go too mad! Most importantly all freshly made! I've tried the Roasted Red Pepper one... LUSH!

 I've included 3 products from their soup range too! 

Harvest Moon hummus - Natural 
per 30g - 3SP
per 180g pot - 15SP

Harvest Moon hummus - Roasted Red Pepper 
per 30g - 2SP
per 180g pot - 12SP

Harvest Moon hummus - Basil
per 30g - 2SP
per 180g pot - 11SP

Harvest Moon hummus - Sweet potato & coriander 
per 30g - 2SP
per 180g pot - 13SP

Harvest Moon - Fresh pesto
per 30g - 5SP
per 180g pot - 28SP

Harvest Moon - Vegan pesto
per 30g - 6SP
per 170g pot - 34SP
So high because of the nuts... 

Harvest Moon - Walnut & lentil pate
per 30g - 4SP
per 140g pot - 19SP

Harvest Moon - Red Pepper, roasted garlic & basil
per 100ml - 1SP
per 250ml serv (half pot) - 3SP
per 500ml tub - 5SP

Harvest Moon - Spicy kale & butter bean
per 100ml - 1SP
per 250ml serv (half pot) - 2SP
per 500ml tub - 4SP

Harvest Moon - Curried parsnip & lentil 
per 100ml - 1SP
per 250ml serv (half pot) - 4SP
per 500ml tub - 7SP

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