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Feb 13, 2017

Stop... and then Start!

Get a pen and paper ... and write down everything you don't like about yourself! Go on... you're probably eye rolling thinking 'there's not enough paper in the world for THAT list!' ... we ALL hate something about ourselves... our wobbly thighs... our jelly bellies... our fat ankles... but breaking news... EVERYONE on the planet has wobbly thighs... our skin is only designed to hold all our bits inside... so everyone has them... some are just a lil bit more wobbly than others... 

But let's just think of those dreadful wobbly thighs... what did they actually do for you today today? Apart from being AWFUL to look at, and the world knowing they're there hiding under your clothes... They jumped out of bed in the middle of the night to scare the monsters from under someones bed... they got you downstairs to make breakfast for you and your loved ones... they ran around looking for that missing shoe/phone charger/set of keys... they marched you to the school gates to wave goodbye for the day... they got you to the car to get your groceries and helped you push them around the supermarket aisle after aisle... They got you some fresh air round the park with the dog... they might have run 5 miles for you this morning..  and they'll spend all day working to get you where you need to be today and hopefully do it all again tomorrow... so are they really THAT bad?! Sure they'll appreciate the rest when you get the chance but at the first drop of rain they'll get you out to the line fast... So don't be so hard on them or on you... you're amazing... and jelly bellies, fat ankles or bingo wings aside, you do amazing things so give yourself a bit of love today! 

It's Valentines week so it's a love fest out there people... brace yourselves... but start with you... be grateful for all the amazing things you can do... and show yourself a bit of lurve... 

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