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Feb 20, 2017

Can you do it?

It's that whingy time of year isn't it? Christmas is LONG gone... summer seems like ages away and the motivation we had on January 1st seems to have gone back into hibernation! This is the time of year when a lot of people give up and think they' can't do it... It's too cold to go for a walk... it's raining, honestly if you live in Ireland and the rain is a surprise there's no hope for you... I'll just have one scone / biscuit / bag of crisps and I'll start again tomorrow... 

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and keep trying... this time DON'T say I CAN'T do it... 

You CAN! You already did of the first month of 2017, but because you're not a size 10 and at goal already your mind is telling you to quit and give up on your health, stamina, confidence... 
Keep trying!

Believe in you and you'll get there because you CAN! 

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