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Feb 23, 2017

Pimp your pancakes!

So I've had a few requests to do a post on pancake toppings JUST the toppings, you gotta point your pancakes separately! Nice try though!... Remember own brands may vary so double check if you're not sure... Enjoy! x

Nutella, needs no introduction really does it... 
5g - 1SP
10g - 3SP
15g - 4SP
20g - 5SP
30g - 8SP

Classic lemon and sugar
Lemon - 0SP
Sugar (Canderel/Splenda/Truvia) - 0SP
Real sugar per teaspoon - 1SP 

Stewed fruit... 
Stewing fruit and just adding your sugar substitute (Canderel/Splenda/Truvia) will keep the SmartPoints at zero, plus you can control how sweet it gets. Most of the frozen berries you get in supermarkets are sweet enough without adding sugar at all but it's down to personal taste... I stew my fruit in a splash of Diet 7up (or 7up Free) it gives it that sweet taste that I like... That age old argument as to why you can stew fruit and it's zero, but blend it and its 4SP per portion, is because of how you digest it. The body doesn't have to work at digesting a smoothie..  the sugar goes straight into the blood stream... That's the science bit... I just believe and that's that... you don't question Santa, don't question this! 

0SP jam! This is the recipe my leader has and it's yum! So easy to make, add a dollop to your pancakes for 0SP!

Meridian Smooth Almond butter per 15g - 3SP

Meridian Organic Crunchy Peanut butter per 15g - 3SP

Nutters or nut butters as they call themselves...  
Kelkin Smooth Peanut butter per 15g - 3SP
SmartPoints from brand to brand, so don't assume they are all the same... 
The Aldi/Tesco/Supervalu versions may be different... These are lovely with a chopped up banana and a bit of squirty cream! 

Maple syrup per 1 teaspoon - 1SP

Honey per 1 teaspoon - 1SP

For the chocoholics, Choc Shot is fab to give you that fix! 
There's also a coconut version which is lovely for more 'tropical' desserts when you're feeling all fancy... 

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot
5g - 1SP
10g - 1SP
15g - 2SP
20g - 3SP
25g - 4SP
30g - 4SP

This has just been launched so keep your eyes peeled ... there's a review >>> HERE <<<

Different to Choc Shot in that this is a chocolate spread, so you can't drizzle it on top!
Well worth looking out for if you're a choccie nut! 

Sweet Freedom Choc Pot
5g - 1SP
10g - 1SP
15g - 2SP
20g - 3SP
30g - 4SP

Squirty cream... cause sometimes that's all that will do... 
Lidl's Milbona Light Real Cream per 13g - 1SP
Anchor Light Cream up to 15g - 1SP

Anchor cream (full fat) per 15g serv -  3SP
Anchor cream (full fat) per 13g serv - 2SP
Elmlea Whipped Squirty cream per 15g - 2SP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt - Coconut flavours
2PP per 100g
3PP for 150g

'Bounty bar' pancakes... 
Drizzle some Coconut Choc shot into your pancake mix (Hello, chocolate pancakes!) 
and then top it with some of this and a bit of grated chocolate... Thank me later!

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt - Mango Passionfruit
2PP per 100g
2PP for 150g

There are some lovely mangos in Aldi at the moment... if you want a tropical twist to your pancake Tuesday without the hula skirt, slice mango and pineapple on top with a dollop of this from Glenisk, the passionfruit kick is fab... LUSH! 

Don't forget your cinnamon if you're a fan! AND if you're an ice-cream fan the 0SP banana ice cream is a winner... The best recipe for it online is >>>  HERE <<<... ridiculously simple and uses up all those bananas that are just hanging around in the kitchen! 

Video is here!

Above all... if you like pancakes, just get creative and enjoy them! x

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