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You ARE the bees knees!

Seriously, think about it... how low down are you on your list? I'm on the bottom... right at the bottom of mine... strangers on the street go on my list before me! Why? Because all my adult life I've believed that I didn't matter and that doesn't stem from some dreadful childhood... my childhood was idyllic, it's the real world that made me dislike myself so much... I listened to people who didn't know me... I followed people who liked me around because it made them feel better about themselves... not because they genuinely liked me for me... 

I bet you'll think, 'People will think I'm just so full of myself..' but there's a huge difference between being an ego maniac (and I know a couple of those!) and self care... taking care of you means you're in a better position to take care of those you love... being able to say nice things ABOUT you TO you, shows everyone that it's OK to do that too... So what you don't like your legs, no one does but don't you have fab teeth? an awesome smile? great nails? fabulous curly hair? The grass is always greener, ask a woman with curly hair what she admires most and it would be straight glossy hair, and the woman with straight glossy hair spends a fortune trying to add curls to her mane! We're never happy... Today stand in front of the mirror and say something nce about what you see looking back at you... isn't that person amazing? Look at what they have achieved in life!? I mean you're AWESOME! It's time we tried a little bit to realise it's OK to think you're the bees knees... because you are! x

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