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Make Christmas with Dunnes!

This week, it's all the festive goodies from Dunnes Stores!
If you're a mince pie fan, it's worth noting the different weights for the various pies...  I'm all about getting value for money!!! A few extra grams for your SmartPoints goes a long way!


Please note the weights can vary by 1g in some of the ranges but everything is worked out as per the packaging.

All butter mini mince pies
per 23g pie - 4SP

 All butter puff pastry mince pies
per 50g pie - 8SP

All butter mince pies
per 59g pie - 11SP

My Family favourites range, mince pies with shortcrust pastry
per 62g pie - 11SP

From the bakery... 
Simply Better frangipan mince pies
per 90g pie - 13SP

Also in the bakery section...
Simply Better 'homemade' mince pies
per 90g pie - 15SP

Gluten free mince pies
per 70g pie - 11SP

Simply Better Irish Top Iced All Butter Christmas Cake Slices
per 370g pack - 62SP

Simply Better Irish Handmade All Butter Mincemeat Slices
per 100g slice - 17SP
per 200g pack - 35SP

Stollen Slices
per 43g slice - 8SP

Iced fruit slices
per 53g slice - 9SP

Cranberry & Pistachio Tiffin slices
per 35g slice - 8SP

Gluten Free Christmas cake slices
per 85g slice - 15Sp

Red Velvet Christmas cupcakes
per 40g cupcake - 8SP

Iced fruit cake bar
per 66g slice - 9SP

Fruit pudding from the 'My Family Favourites' range
per 100g - 15SP

'Make it Christmas' Christmas pudding
per 100g - 16SP

Gluten Free Christmas pudding 
per 100g - 15Sp

Simply better, Hidden Centre Clementine & Cranberry Christmas pudding
per 100g - 16SP
per 113.4g portion (one-eighth) - 18SP
per 907g pudding - 141SP

Simply Better, Slow Steamed Cherry & Champagne Christmas pudding
per 100g - 15SP
per 454g pudding - 67SP

Simply better, Hidden Centre Pear & Poire Williams Liqueur Christmas pudding
per 100g - 13SP
per 113.5g portion (one-eighth) - 14SP
per 908g pudding - 114SP

Simply better, Slow steamed, 6 month matured Christmas pudding
per 100g - 16SP
per 113.5g portion (one-eighth) - 18SP
per 907g pudding - 145SP

Simply Better, Brandy Butter
per 15g - 4SP
per 30g - 8SP
per 180g jar - 50SP

Decorate-a-cookie kit, 
per 185g kit - 32SP 

Turkey, stuffing & cranberry deli filler
per 175g pot - 20SP

Handmade festive relish 
per 15g - 1SP
per 30g - 2SP
per 280g - jar - 21SP

Handmade Cranberry Sauce
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g - 4SP

per 280g jar - 41SP

Handmade Mincemeat
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g - 4SP

per 340g - jar - 48SP

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