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What the Heck?!

HECK, they are a comin'!

So a few weeks ago HECK arrived in Ireland to do a little recce both north and south to give us a taste of their yummy goodies! (no more smuggling sausages from Newcastle thank you Ryanair! and yes it's perfectly acceptable to smuggle them in!) I was lucky enough that they were just down the road doing one of their pit stops in my local store and I picked up these goodies and popped them in the freezer!

I've been tasting them and trying them in recipes for the last few weeks and here's the ones I got my paws on, the SP values and how I used them in my cooking! They are all gluten free and some are dairy free and or low fat...

They are only currently being stocked in a couple of Tescos and are hoping to roll out soon! I'll keep you posted when they land near you!


Heck 97% pork sausages
per 2 sausages - 9 SP

HECK Chicken Italia sausages
per 2 sausages - 1SP
I KNOW!!!!

I made these into sausage rolls with a sandwich thin and they hit the spot perfectly!
AND I've still got half a pack left,
so I'll do them again and pop up the recipe on here... so simple! 
They are really yum! Not dry, I find chicken/turkey sausages/bacon 
can dry out very quickly and if you really needed a quick sausage fix! 
These are perfect!YUM! 

HECK Smoky Paprika chicken sausages
per 2 sausages - 1SP

These are fab to stir through your pasta! I grilled them, sliced them like little pepperonis and popped them on top of my home made pizzas, just yum! Because they're so high in protein they're so low in points! YAY!

HECK Zesty Chicken sausages
per 2 sausages - 2SP

These are peppery, I'm a huge fan of pepper so I really liked them but they're not for everyone... but again so juicy.... you really don't get that dried up taste from this range at all!

HECK Zesty Chicken burgers
per 1 burger - 3SP

HECK Chicken Italia burgers
per 1 burger - 2SP

As fab as the chicken Italia sausages are... these... THESE are just fab! 
Lovely juicy burgers with basil and tomato flavours through them... 

HECK chorizo style sausages, 97% flavoured with paprika
per 2 sausages - 7SP

HECK Plump Pork & Apple sausages (perfect for casseroles or stews!) 
per 2 sausages - 7SP

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