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I've taken up gambling!

so this week in class... THIS happened...

Nope, we haven't gone to the dark side of gambling (yet!) but my leader (who is AWESOME FYI!) got us all off our bums in class... marching on the spot, squatting just onto the chairs pulling in our tummy muscles, all sorts... Now I swim a lot and walk everyday if I can, but I know this time of year I could be doing a lot more in the way of exercise but in this weather I do actually believe I'm made of sugar and will dissolve.. Plus it's that cosy time of year when we put the fire on, boil the kettle and feet up complaining that there's nothing on the telly! So she set us a challenge to get us moving throughout the day and in the house during the ad breaks when we're watching the soaps, strictly, 'insert your fav programme here' and rather than sit on our bums! Everyone has a deck of cards at home (you can pick them up in ANY pound shop) so anyone can do this.... No excuses... 

In class we chose a card from each suit and each one represented an exercise like so... 

Hearts - march on the spot
Diamonds - sit ups
Clubs - star jumps
Spades - squats

You must do every exercise at least once a day according to the number on your card... So 10 of diamonds  = 10 sit ups... 3 of clubs = 3 star jumps... 3 of hearts = 3 mins marching on the spot... Picture cards are 10, aces are high so 11 and if you pull the joker you have to do the other 3 suits twice...

I thought I lucked out with three queens at random and insisted on finding the fourth! Little did I know what each one meant! So for me this week it's 10 reps of each exercise every day and 10 mins marching on the spot... I'm already feeling the squats despite all my walking! Now if you're not able to do one of the exercises just substitute it for another one that you can do but it's such a good idea... leave the deck of cards in the kitchen and pull one out when you boil the kettle and off you go! You can march the spot in your slippers waiting for the kettle to boil, your moving your muscles and it's better than sitting on the couch for 10 mins! Next stop Vegas! 

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