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The festive munchies from SuperValu!

You can't hide from it now... Christmas is in full swing... this week I was at the SuperValu Christmas launch and I have to say it's one of my fav places to shop... I'm all about supporting Irish business and keeping it local and my store in Churchtown is one of the finest! (technically not MY store but I do think after all the years here I've SOME rights!) The staff are friendly, it's spotless and after all the years living here they the manager doesn't even flinch when I stomp up looking for Weight Watchers ice cream/tuna/bread every Wednesday after class!

Last night, Kevin Dundon was cooking up all the Christmas treats and sharing his tips and he asked for a selfie* sure I HAD to say yes!!! All his tips and all the tips from the Super Valu Irish suppliers are in their Christmas magazine that you'll find in store! Careful though, do not read when hungry!!! You'll just want to eat EVERYTHING! Even the sprouts looked amazing last night and I hate sprouts!

*this may be a lie

There we are now! 

So here's some of the festive treats from SuperValu! 

SuperValu Deep filled Mince pies
per 62g pie - 12SP

SuperValu Signature Tastes luxurious mince pies
per 62g pie - 12SP

SuperValu Mini Mince Pies
per 28g pie - 5SP

SuperValu Chocolate fudge yule log
per 80g slice - 15SP
per 640g log - 119SP

SuperValu Christmas Cake slices 
per 55g slice - 10SP

SuperValu Christmas Pudding infused with sherry & rum
per 100g pudding - 16SP
per 113.5 portion - 18SP
(one-quarter of the 454g size)

SuperValu Signature Tastes Matured Christmas Pudding
per 100g pudding - 16SP

SuperValu Iced apricot & brandy fruit cake
per 71g serving - 13SP 
(seven slices per cake)

SuperValu Iced Christmas Cake
per 55g slice - 11SP

SuperValu Signature Taste Luxury Christmas Cake
per 60g slice - 11SP

SuperValu Signature Tastes Christmas Cake Bar
per 70g slice - 13SP

SuperValu Signature Tastes Christmas Gift Cake 
per 83g slice - 16SP

SuperValu Signature Tastes Rich Fruit Cake
per 40g slice - 7SP

SuperValu Signature Tastes Nut Topped Fruit Cake
per 50g slice - 8SP
per 800g cake - 133SP

SuperValu Chicken & Mushroom Vol au Vents Selection
per 28g serving - 4SP

SuperValu Chinese selvetion
Chicken spring rolls, per 20g serv - 2SP
Chicken wontons, per 12g serv - 2SP

SuperValu Goats Cheese & red onion marmalade bruschetta
(MY FAV!!! Cannot stop at just one!)
per 22g serv - 2SP

SuperValu BBQ Smokey bacon mini ribs
(each pack serve two)
per 185g pack - 15SP
Per 92.5g half- pack - 8SP

SuperValu, Indian selection 
onion bhajis, per 12g - 1SP
vegetable samosas, per 15g - 1SP

I spotted this at the party ... lads, the ultimate cheesecake... a cake made of cheese!!! *drools* 


  1. After looking at that I am now officially hungry hahaha.

  2. That food looks really good. I live in the USA and I think Ireland has better desserts than we do. Seeing as how I am also in Weight Watchers, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing... But I eat the desserts here anyways. I think it's great how you looked up and labeled the SP on everything. Knowing the SP and tracking before eating is really helpful. How much have you lost? I've lost almost 2 stone (25 lbs) but I have a lot more left to lose. I've only been a WW member for 3 months though.

    1. ah but you have skinny cow ice cream which is SO hard to get here! I had lost 10st 2 lbs but I gained back a nearly a stone last year so I'm losing it again... it's so hard though.. sigh.. still baby steps and we'll get there x (apologies for the delay on responding!) x


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