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This time of year is typically when resolutions are fading fast and people quit their diets.... We all start thinking we 'can't' do it... 'I'm fed up...' But remember the day you started, remember THAT voice in your head, who was determined and positive, remember the reason why you walked through the doors to class, that photo, how miserable you felt, the clothes that are just too tight... 

It's a wet, cold, miserable Wednesday... The perfect recipe to stage dive off the wagon and think that treating yourself with food is going to make you feel better, but it's only temporary... don't ignore that little voice who is whispering 'don't give up... Not now... we'll get through it...' That little voice is who you really are... And it's telling you what you really, really want... and that's, dont give up... Keep going and in a few days, a week even a month, you'll be glad you didn't give up on you... xxx  

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  1. Long cold day .. seen this and it just pushed me past the door of the chipper. X


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