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'M' - #xmascountdown

M is for MOTIVATION.. oh yeah... that kick in the pants we all need on a monday morning! EVERYONE loses their mojo... EVERYONE... and EVERYONE doubts they can achieve their goals... but people do it all the time! So how do you keep the motivation going.. several things.. 

1. Surround yourself with like minded people... Yep.. leave the negative nancys at home and hit the local park with your friends who DO want you to succeed... PLUS it's really healthy competition...  

2. READ - I follow so many motivational blogs... I follow people on instagram who make me go for a walk and don't even realise it! There's SO many fantastic people to follow and interact with on social media... and the best ones will be honest about their journey... they have ups and downs but they don't give up and honestly that will make you realise that you can stick with it.. 

3. Measure yourself... the scales is not the only tool in the weight loss box! Seeing the inches coming off is just as exciting as seeing the scales moving... 

4. Give yourself a break... you can do it.. you can... have a little faith in you... frame every so-called 'disaster' with the words 'In five years time will this matter?' It won't but you will! 

Another great blog to follow, especially if you have little people, is Mom Fitness Diary 
>>> HERE <<< Full of fantastic recipes and tips for getting children of all ages to eat better! 

'M' RECIPE - MUFFINS... of the savoury kind! 

One of my most popular posts... that's because it include bacon! Breakfast muffins are SO easy to make and are great for brunch, lunch and late night snacks... make them bite size and you'll get a gob full of flavour for just 2PP! That includes the bacon! Find the recipe >>> HERE <<<


Mango - Fresh
Mushrooms - fresh
Mustard - 1 heaped tsp, 8g

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  1. I have these muffins for my lunch today :) Love em, so easy and handy :)
    Great post xx


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