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'K' is for.... 

Kindness... I've noticed over the last few months people who are struggling are being so tough on themselves... it's been hard for the mums over the summer with little ones eating randomly and being out of the usual  routine puts everyone out of synch... people who have the summer blues *raises hand* struggle to get out of holiday mode and back on the wagon... but we're all human so it's time to be a little kinder to ourselves and not with a biscuit! Maybe a little treat... a magazine, a manicure the latest novel you've wanted... whatever your budget allows show yourself a little kindness this week... and if you spot someone with the wobbles... maybe a little message or a kind word would make all the difference to them... it can be a lonely battle sometimes and a kind word can make someones day... 


Kale chips... hang on... don't knock it till you try it! These are SO easy to do and just as tasty as a packet of crisps!  Trust me!  Now because I'm a Salt 'n' Vinegar kinda gal... I've used this recipe from Design Crush Blog... 

>>>  HERE over and over again... it's ridiculously simple and they taste amazing!


If you only ever follow one cooking blog on your weight loss journey it has to be Nancy Foxes Blog - Skinny Kitchen... SO many inspiring recipes... a dish for every occasion and many takeaway favourites that have been modified and pointed to make life a bit easier... 


KIPPERS 150g - 9PP 
(high but in all the good oils!)

PS: I noted that the scheduled posts for 'I' and 'J' didn't go up whilst I was away.. I'll slip them in over the next couple of weeks x 

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