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Jun 21, 2015

Sunshine spaghetti...

Easy-peasy pasta dish which is great cold for lunch as well as a main meal at dinner time! This dish is about adding all your fav veg... so grated carrot, red onion, mushrooms would all work too.. whatever free veggies you fancy, pile them in! This is also great as a base... you can add ham, chicken, grated laughing cow cheese to get it all melty... just remember to ProPoint the extras... it's SO handy!

What's in it...

40g of pasta - 4PP   I use 40g per portion
   Pasta works out at 1pp per 10g ... I've used tagliatelle for mine..

Spray oil
Tinned tomato

Total ProPoints per 40g serving - 4PP


Take all the colourful veg you like ... I used peppers.. 

Sweet peppers... 

baby tomatoes and onions.. and pop them into an oven with lots of seasoning 
and a good dash of balsamic vinegar... 

Roast them till they're soft.. 

Pop on your pasta...

Stir through the passata... and add the tinned tomatoes when it's done... 

Pile the pasta on your plate and top with your roasted veggies.. et voila! 

Sunshine spaghetti! 
A low PP filling summer dish in a bowl! 

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  1. This looks lovely though what spray oil did you use or what ones would you recommend ( I live in Scotland). I have tried a few spray oils in the past but i found they did not work very well and you need to use loads to cover any of the food which kind of defeats the purpose.