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Yup... holidays are coming.. and I don't mean the Coca Cola truck! Swimwear... lets be having ya!

Every magazine and article is wondering if we're all 'beach body ready!' sigh... to quote one of my favourite people...

OK so getting your kit off at home in the dark in the privacy of your own home is bad enough... but when you're away and you have to get your bits out you just want to be wearing something that's flattering and comfortable!  We can't all fit into a bikini from Pennys/Primark but there are some fab cozzies out there that will bring out your best bits! So this week, here's what available from

So... if your boobs are fab... go for a support / wired top... halter neck can be very flattering and make sure it plunges... if you got em... flaunt em! Plus we all know they distract from a wobbly tum and thighs... 

If your legs are good... high cut leg on the bottoms... these ones from have little cords at the side so you be as brave as you like... also you can adjust the fold along the waist to cover as much or as little as you want! Plus... look at the colour!!! So nice to get away from black especially when you're away in the sun...

If you're conscious of your tummy... a tankini is the way forward... you might even roll it up a little, once you realise you're not the only human with a tummy at the pool! G'wan ya tease!

Another tip for the belly wobbles is to go retro! Hit it up like Marilyn Monroe with some 50s style briefs and don't forget the accessories! 

Plus a matching cover up for those trips to the mojito bar... what!?!? 
If you smiled you're as guilty as I am! 

and if you're like me... and fear the general public in general... get a swim dress... you can skip in and out of the pool, and on your sun lounger without fretting about anything... these are SO flattering and will give you ALL the confidence you need pool side

The trick with swimwear is to know your shape... and what your best bits are... 
them mix and match to show em off! 

If you're looking for a 'sporty / surfer chick' look, this is one for messing down at the beach!
Tussle your hair LOTS in this! 

The contrast piping on this sexy number is very flattering! Plus did you SEE the mesh bit?! HOT!

All these are available from online... 
so don't be stuck for something cute to bring on your holidays! 

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