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'A' ... #XMAScountdown

OK you can unfollow and not read this blog anymore after reading this... but it is 26 weeks to Christmas Eve... 26!! TWENTY SIX! Yup... 26 weeks today we'll all be wrapping pressies, stuffing turkeys and hiding the tin of Roses... But anyone want to lose a stone and a half, can have it gone in time for Santa losing just 1lb a week.... I know, I know, people haven't even gone on summer holidays yet... me included but it will come whether we like it or not... and yes we can enjoy our hols and have a good summer... but why wait till September or Halloween to get on track when you could be losing a little all the way along... and only have to face the damage after holidays, rather than hopping on the scales in October and realising you have even more to lose than you thought... Start this week... one small change... and for the next 26 weeks I'm going to be doing my 'Weight Watchers Alphabet Countdown'... First up the letter 'A' (obviously...)

Honestly the best word to kick it all off is ATTITUDE! If you don't have the right attitude... it won't happen for you... and even if you can't muster it up.. FAKE IT! Everyone has bad weeks... but if you march into class, put your paws up and say I know I'm up but today I'm starting afresh... you'll have a much better chance at getting to goal sooner than waiting till 'Monday', or when the kids are back at school or after Halloween...  Attitude comes from within... and you might think you're being 'full of yourself' but the way you feel about yourself sets the tone throughout your life.. if you feel shite, and think you're worthless, then that's how you will treat yourself.. if people think they can take advantage of you then they will.. you have the power to stand up and fight for your little space.. and you are in charge of your body... filling it with rubbish will make you feel rubbish... caring for it will make you feel amazing... 

Stand strong and admit you're changing your lifestyle for the better.. let friends, colleague, family .. whoever know this is a long term thing... you're not a spoil sport in fact you're doing everyone a favour and by the time Santa gets here you'll be in that sexy little black number and not face planting the selection box waiting for the 'January resolutions' to start again... It's a healthy lifestyle... and you do that by making healthy choices the majority of the time...

Change your attitude by changing the way you talk to yourself... it's very easy to talk yourself into and out of things... it's not that your CAN'T have the fun things.... you're just choosing to have them less frequently and in moderation... change CAN'T into CAN! You CAN and you WILL get to goal... you CAN and you WILL feel better in your own skin... so work the attitude this week people! 


A great blog to follow for healthy recipes is A Better Me... All from the Weight Watchers Leader of the year so you know it's all good for you... Check out Verette  HERE 


Try this lovely Asian Fruit Salad for 1PP! The recipe is HERE ... Honestly it's SO easy to do and SO refreshing for the summer! Make it up the night before to let the flavours really absorb into the fruit! 

'A' list ZERO HEROS... 
Apricots (fresh)
All Spice
Artificial Sweetener

and remember, this week... WORK IT GIRLFRIEND! 

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  1. Wahh Doll!! I'm SO excited for the countdown to Christmas AND you seem to always read my mind because and Attitude overhaul is definitely what's going on with me at the moment - this is first and foremost about ME! Lots of love! xx


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