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Happy people...

You must all think I'm on happy pills or something at the moment but life is too short to be feckin' miserable all the time... living in fear and being afraid to be happy is one of the biggest lessons I've learnt! I spent YEARS feeling sorry for myself, YEARS feeling like I wasn't good enough... How DARE I be happy?! What right did an obese lump like me have to smile?!?  Oh how times have changed! It's OK to be happy, it really is... now you don't have to open a bottle of champers to toast your cellulite but you know what, if you want to, you should!!! and who has the right to stop you!?! If someone doesn't like that you are starting to feel good about being you.... that's their problem... so today, shine bright! 


  1. Happy Happy :) I like it... The sunshine defo helps too

  2. It's a difficult mindset to change - these days I've stopped worrying about what others think of me. It took up all of my energy! And yes, that June sunshine helps :-)

    1. it's totally a mindset! Once you don't care life just goes on... and you don't stress over silly things x


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