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Apple Roses

I saw this recipe on pinterest and decided to have a go when the family came for Sunday dinner... 

Whats in it?

3 red apples - 0PP  I tried to find the deepest red ones so they'd go all pink... 
1 sheet of light puff pastry - 29PP 
3 tbsp of sweet freedom  - 1PP  mixed with a little water so you can brush it on the pastry easier
Canderel, cinnamon, vanilla to flavour... 0PP

Total recipe - 30PP
Total per portion - 5PP

Jus Rol Light Puff Sheet 30% less fat
50g portion - 5PP
100g - 9PP
320g pack (1 sheet) - 29PP


Take three red apples... you could use green but you want them to look more like roses...  

Scoop out the middle of the apple... 

Slice them across the way as thin as you can so then will bend easily... 

Pop them into a bowl with some lemon juice so they don't go brown and microwave them for 5/6 minutes.. you just want them to go a little soft.. 

Meanwhile, roll out your pastry thinly and divide into six equal strips... 

brush each strip with your sweet freedom, you could use honey for this or
any kind of jam or marmalade would work too but add the ProPoints... 

Once you've got the pastry sticky, lay out your apples and season with sugar or cinnamon or both!

The fold the pastry over so the apples are 'sandwiched' between the pastry... 

Pinch the ends of the pastry and roll them into 'roses' and place in muffin tin...
a silicone one would be perfect but I used spray oil on my muffin tin and they came out fine!

Spray the tops lightly with low cal spray oil...

 and pop into the over for 45 mins keep checking them so the apples tips don't burn... 

Add some icing sugar for that 'bake off' effect! 

Et Voila! Fancy schmancy apple roses! 5PP each!


  1. Wow wow wow they look amazing!!

  2. These look beautiful, I'm deffo going to make these and show them off to friends and family !! xXx

  3. Can you please tell me what is sweet freedom?

    1. Hi Ashley, You'll find all the info here >>> x

    2. That looks fab, I'd never heard of it before. Thank you so much for your reply :)


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