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Great Irish 'Cheaters' Bake Off!

I'm baking today for the family and I'm not a one for making my own pastry so for the 'bakers' amongst us.. and I mean the cheater bakers like me... Here's the break down for some of the ready made pastries out there... I won't tell anyone! x

Jus Rol Puff Pastry Block 
50g portion - 5PP
100g - 10PP
500g block - 52PP

Jus Rol BAKE-IT-FRESH 2 Pizza bases
1/4 of pizza base with tomato sauce 68g - 3PP
100g - 5PP
545g block (2 bases) - 26PP

Jus Rol Light Puff Sheet 30% less fat
50g portion - 5PP
100g - 9PP
320g pack (1 sheet) - 29PP

Jus Rol Puff Sheet
50g portion - 5PP
100g - 11PP
320g pack (1 sheet) - 34PP

Jus Rol Bake-it-fresh Garlic Pizza bread
1/8 with garlic spread 43g portion - 3PP
100g - 8PP
340g block - 27PP

Jus Rol Bake-it-fresh 6 Pain au Chocolat
Per 46g roll - 5PP

Jus Rol Bake-it-fresh 6 Cinnamon Swirls
Per 45g swirl - 4PP

Jus Rol Bake-it-fresh 6 Croissants
Per 42g croissant - 4PP

I also spotted these from Irish Company Kooky Dough... 
for those with little people baking over the summer 

Kooky Dough 
Chunky Chocolate chip
per 20g - 2PP
per 300g pack - 36PP

Double Chocolate & White chips
per 20g - 2PP
per 300g pack - 37PP

Sugar free oatmeal & raisin
per 20g - 2PP
per 300g pack - 29PP

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