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'A picture paints a thousand words...' 

How true is that quote? How often have you been moved by a photograph? Love, loss, memories, joy, hurt, pride... all the feels can be in a single picture... you can be so moved by something that was caught in a moment in time... I LOVE instagram! LOVE IT! I love seeing other peoples non-scale victories... I love seeing recipes, manicures, following peoples fitness regimes and all the positive stuff on there... I follow a lot of very positive and funny people, and often I'll check it in the morning and be inspired by someone elses breakfast to try something new... Many times I've been sitting on my bottom and I open it to see people 'Map my run' stats and I put on my trainers! There's the 'before and after' hashtags #transformationTuesday and #transformationThursday pics that are all the motivation you need! 

So... how about a picture challenge? Just for the month of May to keep everyone on track... I'm all about the motivation at the moment! They don't have to be personal pics, if you want to paste them to your Facebook page then go for it... but if you're on instagram and you fancy tagging along, please do! You never know what image will give you the push you might need... or what someone else does every day that might be a game changer in your journey! You'll also find some like minded people to follow, who are struggling or succeeding and happy to share their tips! 

The 'clues' (or are they called prompts?) are all about a healthy lifestyle, things that are good and bad... and how you interpret them is entirely up to you! If you're wearing something cute that's never fitted properly before that's 'green' on the 21st, share it! AND it's not like other challenges, you can do all the days or some of the days... just add the hashtag #wwphotoaday and then you can see what everyone else has posted! I'm dead nosy me! You don't have to be following weight watchers to do this either!!! It's open season to motivate each other whatever plan you follow! Starting this Friday... who's with me?!

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