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Make a happy life...

Something I was thinking about over the weekend... No one is handed happiness... No one is handed a free pound weight loss at the scales for the craic... Anyone who follows me on social media knows how I celebrate the half pound loss... because of PCOS, because of a gammy knee, because I have so much weight left to lose, losing half a pound is hard work for me... Wouldn't it be lovely if when we got to the scales our leader just looked at us and said, 'don't worry about getting on that... Here's a silver 7... I think you've lost a couple of pounds...Off you go...'  sadly it doesn't work like that.. after a week of tracking, swimming, walking and drinking ALL the water, a half a pound gets a round of applause in my camp! Because it's not easy...  

If you want it bad enough, make it happen for you, no one can do it for you.... you want to swim a mile, then go for it... positive people will encourage and applaud you when you swim half a mile and that will push you forward to swim the full mile... don't rain on anyone else parade because you think they're doing better than you are, losing more than you, getting fitter, and are happier, they worked bloody hard for it... so get your pompoms out and pat them on the back... we all set goals that we think we can't achieve and when we reach them we're in shock! It's all relative... some who gets their first stone in class is as over joyed as someone getting their 4th stone... they both know how hard it is... and everyone knows it gets tougher as you get closer to goal... so pompoms out this week and cheer on someone you know is working towards a goal... tell them you're in awe of them... tell them you'd never be able to achieve what they have... it's all good karma baby! 

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