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Sausage pasta bake...

Another recipe from the 'Cook it your way' book.. I've made a couple of changes, if I gave my family quorn sausages I'd be shunned! But I tricked 'em into the Low Fat sausages without even knowing! Mwhahahahahahahaha.... This recipe is quick, and all in one dish so you can throw it together, literally, and go about doing other more important stuff! Great for a Sunday evening if you've been out all day... comfort food at its best! 


Whats in it?

6 sausages - I've use the Mallon Low Fat Gluten Free ones for 6PP ... 1PP per sausage

200g pasta - 20PP ... 5PP per portion
3 tbsp tomato puree - 1PP
   The recipe uses tomato ketchup I just prefer puree...
Cheese - I've used the Tesco Half Fat Mozzarella, for the whole pack - 5PP

Spray Oil
400g tin of chopped tomatoes
1/4 tsp of paprika
500 ml stockSalt'N'Pepper
Italian/mixed herbs - there's loads of different herbs to choose from, use the flavours you really like, basil, oregano, garlic salt... take your pick! 
Total ProPoints serving 4 - 32PP

Total ProPoints per portion - 8PP


Spray your dish with your spray oil...

Weigh out your pasta...

Then chop your sausages and layer them on top...

Mix your tinned tomatoes, stock, herbs, paprika and puree together and season... 

Pour over your sausage/pasta base and mix well... 
I added some left over baby plum tomatoes I had and a few basil leaves...

but there's nothing to stop you adding onions, courgette 
or any of the zero PP veggies to bulk it up

Tangent... I kill every basil plant I buy... send help! 

Cover it tightly in foil.... 

Pop it in the preheated oven - Gas mark 6 - 200c - 180 c fan oven
and bake for 30 - 40 mins until the pasta is tender... 

Take it out and sprinkle your cheese all over 
and stick it back in for 5 mins to get all melty!

Ta da! Pasta bake! Done! It's SO comforting and for 8PP per serving,
 you could even make some garlic bread to go along with it! Stuffed I tell ya!


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