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You all know how I champion Irish companies... well the latest is Nobó... which FYI means 'no cow' in Irish... No Bó... meaning dairy free... people who make dairy free ice cream are a girls best friend right?!? I spotted these in my local Supervalu and I've tried the vanilla & coconut one... I may have to write a 'Dear John' letter to my pals Ben and Jerry... it is lovely and one to definitely have in the freezer over the coming summer months...  

So... whaddya mean 'dairy free'?! Well it's made with coconut milk, avocado, water and sweetened with honey so you've still got the creamy ice cream texture but dairy free.. they'd be great in smoothies too! 

There are 5 in the range but I could only get my paws on these three in my local Supervalu ... but there's a Passion Fruit & Mango and a Salted Caramel version out there somewhere which is one DEFINITELY going on my wish list... These work out at 5PP per 100ml... the full PP per 500ml vary x  

Nobó Vanilla and Coconut Flavour
5PP per 100g
26PP per 500ml

Nobó Chocolate and Toasted Almond Flavour
5PP per 100ml 
27PP per 500ml

Nobó Fresh Lemon Flavour
5PP per 100ml
23PP per 500ml

You can find a list of stockists online >>> HERE <<<
Facebook >>> HERE <<< 
Or tweet them >>> HERE <<<

I'll keep you posted on the 'salted caramel' situation! 


  1. I would definitely buy the Salted Caramel one if I could find it!

    1. I've tried 3 Supervalus on my travels but no sign of it yet! we may need an intervention! x


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