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Happy New Year... Part 2!

Today is Chinese New Year... so... 


get me and google translate! 

I thought a quick stir fry recipe would fit the menu tonight and this one is SO flexible... The recipe works out at 19PP and 5PP per portion... it would be less with chicken or prawns.. 

My Stir Fry Beef is adapted from the Weight Watchers Seriously Satisfying Cookbook... 

What's in it?
Diced beef - 14PP
   This works out at 3PP per 100g, I got the butcher to cut off the fat and dice 
   it small for me... I bought 500g for 4, then weighed it on my WW scales... 

Soy Sauce - 1PP - 0PP for up to 1 tbsp, 1PP for up to 3 tbsp
Oyster Sauce - 1 PP - 0PP for up to 1 tbsp, 1PP for up to 3 tbsp
Sweet Chilli Sauce - 2PP - 1PP per tbsp
Linseeds - 1 PP - 1PP per tsp

Or ZERO PP Zoodles RECIPE >>> HERE <<<

Zero Heros
ALL the veg... 
Pak Choi
Red and Yellow Pepper
Spring onions
Spray oil


Spray your pan with oil and get it nice and hot... Add your meat and season... if you're not a fan of real chillis... I spend most of my time hunting out chillis from the Chinese... then add just a few flakes... I got the little chilli flake grinder (on the far left...) in LIDL and it adds just enough without blowing your head off! The Simplee Chilli Sea Salt is fab too! AND it's Irish! Don't be afraid to harass your supermarket manager to get it in for you!   

If you're not a fan of red meat, I was cooking this for 4 carnivores... Chicken, prawns, pork, all work with this recipe so swapsies! It's even lovely with just all the veg, if you've gone over your daily points and need to claw some back! 

Prepare your veg whilst your meat is cooking... I don't use onions in my stir fries as I think they can be a bit strong, so I use leeks... Cut them diagonally so they cook quicker and they look a little fancier! 

For the carrots... use your veg peeler to make 'ribbons' again it'll make it faster to cook and add lots of colour for zero ProPoints... 

Once you've sealed your meat and its cooked through, take it out of the pan and leave it to rest... Then a light spray of oil again if your pan needs it ... and there's a specific order to this... leeks and broccoli first... chop your broccoli florets small, they'll cook quicker...  let them cook for a minute or two, then add peppers... mushrooms... then your beansprouts, and lastly your mangetout and carrot... you don't want anything going mushy... 

To this add your spices... garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sweet chilli and oyster sauce... if you don't have these, add a pack of Blue Dragon Stir fry sauce, they're listed >>> HERE <<<  these are on special in Supervalu at the moment too! Love a bargain! 

Chinese 5 spice is your friend... if you've never tried it... pick up one of the own brand labels, Supervalu have it for €1 at the moment, it's not spicy in a 'hot' chilli kinda of way and not to go all 'cheffy' on you, it's very fragrant and a pinch on some veg in a wok will make ALL the difference trust me... try it out! 

I'm not a big ginger fan so buying fresh stuff is always wasted in my house but there are SO many alternatives out there... have a shop around, I use the Fissi concentrated Ginger puree in my Chinese dishes and you really only need a tiny bit for BIG flavour.. tube lasts AGES too! Same thing goes for garlic... if you're in a hurry and just want to eat, the pre-chopped stuff is the way forward AND it'll last in your fridge! 

Oyster Sauce is another good one to have in the spice rack... again it's not 'hot' or even 'fishy'... it's less salty than soy and a little sweeter...  

Common misconception is that 'light' Soy sauce is better for you.. it's not 'light' in the diet way... it's just light in colour and less intense in flavour... I use the 'less salt' soy sauce which is in most supermarkets... 

Once your veg are nearly cooked through... add your meat back into the pan and add your Pak Choi... Pam choi cooks like spinach so it doesn't need long in the wok or you'll be looking at it all wilted wondering what happened! 

I don't eat carbs late at night and this recipe can be made fast! So if you wanted noodles or rice you could add them at this stage, don't forget to ProPoint them! I chopped off the biggest leaf off a head of iceberg and that was my 'bowl' ... and filled it up with the stir fry... A sprinkle of chopped spring onion and a teaspoon of linseeds seeds and ta da!

This recipe is VERY flexible... with meat or without, it still works... add noodles or rice... add some heat with some chopped chilli if that's your thing... you can make it your way... 


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  2. Is it sad that I started salivating while reading this post?!? Awesome looking stirfry! I love stirfries especially now that I'm on a somewhat restricted diet program. I've just started following your blog because I think i might switch to WW for maintenance once I'm done this program. I can't wait to read more of your posts!

    Feel free to read my blog when you have the chance :)


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