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Rollerlash... from Benefit...

OK I'm as bad as the next gal for hype when it comes to glitter and stuff, and honestly Benefits packaging just WANTS to be on my dressing table... but I got my paws on a sample of Roller Lash and had to share... 

I have long straight stubborn lashes... I've got every eye lash curler ever invented, I even invested in the 'heated' ones...don't even go there... but I struggle to get the 'curl' to stay... Best tip I've tried is to use waterproof mascara straight after you curl and it will last longer, if you don't like using a coloured waterproof, cause it can be a demon to get off,  get yourself a 'clear' version and it'll set it for you just as good! 

So on the left... no make up... nada...  on the right one coat of Roller Lash! I know right! This is why I had to share! 

I'm all about the tiny wands too... I think its because of the shape of my eyes... I'm not a beauty blogger so I'm not down with the technical side of things... but I can coat ALL my lashes in one go... so I'm loving that! 

The science bit... 

It's not on sale till the end of February but you can pre-order it online... it will retail for €26 which is pricey enough for a mascara but with Mothers Day, Easter eggs and Valentines choccies all on the horizon, add this to the 'I don't want an easter egg/flowers/whatever they dream up to get you...'  just tell them to put this on the list or a voucher to get it yourself! Till then, you can do what I did and get the sample FREE with the March edition of ELLE! (the one with Keira Knightley looking ALL moody on the cover


  1. I got a sample too and loving it. I'm more inclined to go for this one over my usual favourite x

  2. I haven't used mine yet, but it looks fab on you! x


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