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Curry in a hurry!

A quick recipe as requested by some of my instagram followers after last nights 'curry in a hurry' pic ... 

I came home quite late and was STARVING... I mean 'call Bob Geldof..' kinda hungry... My bread was in the freezer because I can't be trusted with the toaster whilst I loiter in the kitchen... so after a large glass of water... I stood at the fridge and thought right... curry! 

I had plenty in the fridge to make enough for two nights, so the total Propoints of the recipe is 14PP, which I just ate without carbs on the first night cause it was too late... but you'd have to ProPoint your rice or nan breads... which is 1PP per 30g ... weigh it out! 

What in it?!

2 Chicken breasts - 8PP
2 Knorr Curry Flavour pots - 1PP
100g of Half fat Creme Fraiche - 5PP
You could also use natural yoghurt but you'll need to ProPoint individual brands... 

and the ZERO HEROS
Red Peppers
Sweet Peppers
Chilli Salt
Curry Powder
Left over cherry tomatoes...


Chop the chicken, smaller the better it will cook faster, spray your pan and cook it through... do this first whilst you're chopping the veggies... 

Throw the onions in first... they take a few mins longer to soften, then add the rest... feel free to use any veggies you like... I had a few baby tomatoes left over, it bulks up it up... Now to season, I add these all pretty much one after the other and mix it all well...  first up, Simplee Chilli Sea Salt for a bit of heat... 

A tablespoon of curry powder... this is all down to personal preference... I don't like my curries too hot, so the 'Medium' version from Sharwoods is perfick for me! 

then I add a Knorr Flavour pot... these add LOADS of flavour without all the points! 

They look like this... 

To that I add 100g of Half Fat Creme Fraiche from Tesco... for the PP of other brands check  >>> HERE <<< but this one is really nice and just adds that creaminess that you want from a curry... and leave it simmer for a few minutes so all the favours infuse...

Get your bowl ready... grab a fork... divide it in two and inhale... it's all very quick once you've got your chicken cooked through...

Anyone got any twists they add? 

Enjoy x

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