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This one time, in Weight watchers...

First up... my leader is awesome... I truly believe she has no idea how much she motivates our class every week! If she heard the chats at the gate every Thursday, when we're leaving... we're all motivated... we're all 'right.. be good this week!' ... She is absolutely brilliant!  

I have often moaned about my inability to poach an egg... I have been given gifts at Christmas... I've had fancy gadgets and scoop ladle things and every time I've drowned my toast, burnt myself and sworn a lot! honestly the only reason I have eggs benedict at brunch is because I love poached eggs and I'm rap at them... Make a pavlova, sure! Beef wellington.. no problem... in fact most recipes don't defeat me but add a poached egg and I'm out! My leader know this... and last week at the scales gave me these! 

Stick with it... I've tried something similar before, making up my own rules I might add and it's been a disaster... but she imparted the following knowledge and I've now crossed '... can poach an egg...' off my bucket list! who knew!!! 

So.. spray them lightly with your spray oil... 

Set a pan of COLD water on the hob.. COLD!!! 
This is where I've been going wrong! This and 'swirling'!

Pop the eggs in the water ...

THEN light your hob... in the next 5 minutes... the following will happen...

 Pop the lid on for the last minute to cook (steam) the top ... Et VOILA! 

Simples as the meerkats say!

Slimbo for 3PP

1 x Mallon sausage - 1PP

1 bacon rasher - 2 

Egg  - 2PP

Season and some roasted tomatoes! 

Breakfast bap for 8PP with a perfectly poached egg! TA DA!


  1. Yummy! I can't poach an egg either but my other half uses the cling film in a cup method.... Pinterest has the best ideas!

  2. I have these! They are fantastic. I bought a poaching pan once and managed to melt the actual poaching part (don't ask) but these things are so handy! Could never manage the whole swirling water thing.

    1. I cannot tell you the number of times I have drowned perfectly good pieces of toast with swirling water and vinegar!!! Genuinely didn't believe they would work! x

  3. Must buy them!
    How much would you propoint eggs benedict f you were out in restaurant??
    I filling and healthy

    1. I usually give it 16PP as I have the sauce on the side, 4 for the muffin, 4 for the eggs, 4 for the bacon and 4 for the sauce... I ask for no butter when I order, it's wasted since I'm using the sauce anyway... I keep 25PP from my weekly points when I'm out with my friends... just to be on the safe side.. I never use my activity points either so they cover any madness that might happen! LOL x

  4. Hi Doll,
    Great post, will deffinately be giving this a bash tomorrow morning! I was down 2lbs this week for the Easter challenge. x


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