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Dec 12, 2014

The hardest step is always the first.... #weigh-in-10

Penultimate week of the challenge! One last week to get the head down before it all kicks off! Well done to those sticking it out to the end... I know it's the hardest time of the year with temptations EVERYWHERE!!! 

This weeks guest post is by an amazing person, who life dealt a devastating blow... This time last year she lost her wonderful husband Chris, just 9 weeks after their wedding day ... When you read her blog you will just be in awe of how amazing she is... She has lost an amazing 5 and a half stone and is currently training for the London Marathon in 2015! You can find Stacey AKA SoupDragon ... 

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The hardest step is always the first step...
By Stacey Lynch

Long before we were married, Chris would tell me it didn't matter to him what I looked like, or what dress size I wore, or what food I ate – he would always tell me he loved me for my heart and what was inside. The whole inner beauty argument. I guess the comfort of knowing this deep down and having his reassurances meant that I became happy with myself and didn't have a burning desire to change. I was content with where I was. He was a real food lover too and we were lucky enough to have the means to eat out often and enjoy great home cooked food too. I had very good intentions of losing weight for our wedding and did try – but the age old nemesis – my crumbling spine – put paid to all that. I was prescribed steroids and various other medications and my weight just ballooned upwards. I was not able to do very much exercise either – even walking from the bedroom to the bathroom was torture enough some days. I was so unhealthy and my weight was having such a detrimental effect on my back condition. Sore back = no exercise = comfort food = weight gain = sore back. It was a never ending cycle of self destruction.

To be honest – my back was and always will be an excuse. I have suffered with my spinal condition for 20 years, every so often it flairs up and I am floored. I have never been a size 10 super model (and never will!) but I was using the fact I had a sore back to hide behind and not tackle the ever increasing problem of my weight. When Chris died I was over 19 stones (280lbs), was wearing a UK dress size 22/24, had terrible acne and little energy for anything. During January I had plenty of time to think – it was time to make some changes. If I didn't start looking after myself, I would be no good to Ronah or anyone else. Suddenly thrust back into being a single mum meant that I had to stand up to the mark. No one else was going to pick up the slack if I was laid low. I spoke with my GP at length and we agreed a timetable for stopping all the medication. She encouraged me to go back to Weight Watchers, knowing I had some success with them in the past. Coming off all the medication was a nightmare and it wasn't until mid February that I started the plan with any level of commitment.


This was something I could control. Losing Chris was out of my control. The funeral arrangements and those first terrible weeks were out of my control. My future plans had suddenly all be thrown into question. My whole life seemed to be spiralling out of control. But this was something, one thing, I had the power to change and could decide what entered my mouth – good or bad. In my world of chaos, this was one thing that helped me gain some small level of balance back. Whilst struggling to create my new “normal” after losing Chris, I was able to plan my meals and stick to the plan with some gusto. A sense of determination has helped me too. No one can do this for me and if I want to be the best Mum I can be, I have to make the changes required. I have to just get on and do it. No excuses. No hiding behind my back or my grief.

As I write today, I am over 5 and 1/2 stones down and am wearing a UK dress size 14. I still have some way to go and I will get there. I know that I can achieve what I have set my mind to. The past 10 months have shown me that I am able to do so much more than I think I can do. Chris would be proud of me – this I am sure of. I miss him every day, and every day life is tough. Many days I want to give up and go back to where I was. I just know that I can’t do that.

The hardest step is always the first step. Have you taken the 1st step today? I would love to be able to help and support you along your path to being the best you can possibly be.

Stacey x

Stacey Christmas song is her husbands favourite and a beautiful classic... 

Nearly there... again, shout out if I missed you! Can I also just do a small shout out to Emma, who reached goal this week losing an AMAZING 14, not a typo, FOURTEEN stone! That's like 3 Victoria Beckams! C'mon everyone... one last push for Christmas... 'Rockin' not 'Rolling' around the tree! Just think about how you'll feel if you have to lose the SAME weight again in the new year! 


  1. Down 0.5 hopefully the last week will yield a big loss

  2. Unbelievably down 4lb dis wk ��

  3. down half pound this week not bad considering was in dublin for the weekend now have xmas party this weekend and one next weekend :)

  4. Down 1lb this week - feeling strong and trying to make good choices at every turn! Congrats to Emma!! And a lovely article again x

  5. Absolutely full of admiration for Stacey, such strength and determination! ! Thanks so much for the shout out Doll, so so happy to have been down 3lbs this week and hit goal!! :D xxx

    1. Congrats Emma that's some weight loss, a great achievement

    2. Thanks Carmel, loving life right now :)

  6. Great post again and well done Emma. That's some achievement - enjoy every minute of it.

    Down 1/2 this week.

  7. will be following Stacey now, great blog! congrats to Emma!
    I'm down 1 this week x

  8. Up 2 Ibs :-(
    Keep on trucking eh!